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New Zealand Fashion Week 2016 take a bow! Who can complain about spending a week in Sunny Auckland city meeting like-minded people and observing gorgeous garments all day? Not me!

Highlights of the week:

– Meeting other chic bloggers and photographers (believe it or not but I had only met one other kiwi fashion blogger before!).

– Meeting Australian blogger (girl crush) Brooke Testoni.

– Being photographed by Sam Lee for FQ Magazine and Holly Burgess (@hsburg) for Miss FQ Magazine.

– Stand out collections: Salasai, Kendall Watt, Hailwood, Federation, Lucilla Gray. Check out show images here!

My outfit details: 

Image 1: Singlet: Staple + Cloth | Jeans: Levis | Sunnies: Le Specs (No Smirking) | Image by Carmen Huter @carmenhuter

Image 2: Dress: Keepsake (All Yours Dress) – thanks to the girls at Zip Me Up. Image by Carmen Huter.

Image 3: Set: Staple + Cloth | Sunnies: Le Specs (Air Heart) | Image by @gabstoddard

Image 5: Vintage Levis jacket – mum sewed the badges on for me (bless!). Image by Holly Burgess.

Image 6: Tanya Carlson (Vista Jumpsuit). Image by Holly Burgess.


NZ Fashion Week 2016

NZ Fashion Week 2016

NZ Fashion Week 2016

NZ Fashion Week 2016

NZ Fashion Week 2016

NZ Fashion Week 2016

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